June is one of, if not, the, best month, of the year. I’m biased, it’s my birthday month! Also Wentworth Miller’s birthday month (2 June). This year is going to be an even better June because I’m actually going to be on Holiday on my birthday! Yay! I’ll be in Lyon on that day, I’m… Read More June!

Holiday Weather

The past week has most definitely been holiday weather, highs of 30°C last week, on Thursday at 18.30 it was 25°C walking through the streets of Liverpool! That is madness! Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth/heat, but not at that time of the evening, 20-22°C would have been nicer, more-so when one is… Read More Holiday Weather

Not A Clue

They say “Home is where the heart is”, nice statement, but what if your heart doesn’t know? Then what? Wander around aimlessly, trying different places? I used to think Home was where my parents were, or where I felt most relaxed or happy, but now when I see my parents I am not usually that… Read More Not A Clue