I wish I could tell you just how I feel inside, but I'm scared of how you will react. Will you just stay silent, which hurts more than words, will you just sit and do nothing at all. I just want to be rescued, someone to make me smile, someone to give me hugs when... Continue Reading →


Poems 1.2

  A Cup of Tea* They stood on the beaches, They stood in the sea, They stood on the piers, Silent as can be. Wet and cold, Drained and weak, Desperate for home, Desperate for sleep. The ships sailed into view, They were given blankets and a nice hot brew, They made for home and... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within

There is an evil in the darkness, Of which no-one speaks, It hides amongst us, And appears when we least know, The evil is all around us, Everywhere we go. No-one is safe, From the evil that I speak, No-one is unworthy, No-one is too weak, Yet in the darkness there is light, Ready to... Continue Reading →


Oceans and Seas From the coldest to the warmest, To the free flowing to the ice pack, From the highest to the smallest wave, To the strongest to the weakest current, Our Oceans and Seas. From the grey up north, To the Blue down south, From the flattest calm, To the wildest storm, Our Oceans and Seas.... Continue Reading →

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