I wish I could tell you just how I feel inside, but I'm scared of how you will react. Will you just stay silent, which hurts more than words, will you just sit and do nothing at all. I just want to be rescued, someone to make me smile, someone to give me hugs when... Continue Reading →


Room With A View…

Sorry for the delay, had to sort stuff, but got here in the end. Now, the title, the featured image is the view from the sliding doors in the lodge I stayed at, at Center Parcs, although you would be forgiven for thinking it was either a Military Base or Minimum Security Prison rather than... Continue Reading →

Poems 1.2

  A Cup of Tea* They stood on the beaches, They stood in the sea, They stood on the piers, Silent as can be. Wet and cold, Drained and weak, Desperate for home, Desperate for sleep. The ships sailed into view, They were given blankets and a nice hot brew, They made for home and... Continue Reading →

Lazy Weekend and Opinion

WARNING: SOME OF THE CONTENT YOU MAY NOT AGREE WITH. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. Just created the image above, took me blooming ages because I don't have the proper programmes on my laptop to create wonderful pieces of art! I quite like it though. Managed to lose all of Friday to a British TV programme... Continue Reading →


Below are a list of questions I have going through my mind either during the night or day or both. If I have worked out an answer I will put it, but usually my answer can bring more questions. Why am I here? Why am I alive? Who decided I should exist?┬áMy parents. Why did... Continue Reading →

Prison of my Mind

A Prison of my mind, endless barriers, dark, endless tunnels, not even Michael Scofield can escape this prison, a prison of hell, solitary confinement at its worst. Plan A you want to happen but are facing the fact that Plan Z may be the only way, the only way to escape. You can plan, but... Continue Reading →

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