A Fragment

I'm a fragment of my former self, where once I did so much alone, now I'm afraid to leave the apartment. It takes so much to just get on the train to go into Liverpool for my acting classes, it terrifies me. I never used to be like that. I was planning on visiting my... Continue Reading →


Edinburgh 2.0

As I mentioned in "Edinburgh"wordpress.com/…ts/nwatson88.wordpress.com I find Edinburgh a beautiful city, having arrived there on Friday (17 June) and departed Sunday (19 June), I will do my final summary. Very lucky with the weather, the sun shone on Saturday, blue skies, lovely and warm, perfect Summer weather really, alas being the UK the odds of that staying... Continue Reading →


I love Edinburgh it's such a beautiful city, but when the wind blows down Princes Street my god do you know it! It has such gorgeous buildings and surroundings, no matter which angle you look at the castle it's stunning, even if it's dark and grey! People watching in Edinbrguh is fun too, everyone is... Continue Reading →

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