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A Fragment

I’m a fragment of my former self, where once I did so much alone, now I’m afraid to leave the apartment. It takes so much to just get on the train to go into Liverpool for my acting classes, it

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Brick Wall

Urgh, don’t you just hate it when you wake up and feel like you’ve been hit by a brick wall and a train? Literally how I’m feeling today, even though I slept, reasonably, still so tired. Drained. Fed up. It’s

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Hope Fades

I was supposed to go visit my parents today, in the wilds of Scotland (they’re up near Aberdeen), that didn’t happen. I had a meltdown, thankfully before I left home. I’ve made the journey before, many times, it’s a route

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Firstly, sorry for a lack of blogging, my mind has been unable to focus on anything so I’ve spent most of the last few days colouring, its about all I can manage right now. So if this turns out to

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